PHORUM (PJM Hourly Open-source Reduced-form Unit commitment Model)

PHORUM is a security-constrained unit commitment model that simulates the 2010 PJM Day-ahead energy market. The tool has been developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Carnegie Electric Industry Center (CEIC). The purpose of PHORUM is to be a light-weight, transparent simulation tool for academia, industry, and government. PHORUM allows researchers to investigate how changes to PJM will affect generators, electricity prices, emissions, and human health. PHORUM has many advantages over similar tools:

  • Free
  • Open-source: PHORUM is transparent and peer-reviewed, avoiding the ‘black-box’ problem. We hope users will continue to improve and expand this open source tool. The model only uses publically available data.
  • Easy to use: PHORUM has been designed with the user in mind. Users can easily customize and run simulations. The tool can be easily adapted to your needs or expanded upon.
  • Verified accuracy: PHORUM’s results have been verified against actual PJM market results, showing that the model accurately captures market drivers. Detailed verification results are below.
  • Light-weight: PHORUM has been designed to run on a personal computer. Simulating one day takes less than 5 minutes; simulating a year takes less than 24 hours. PHORUM is available as an open source software package, protected under the GNU General Public license. All code and supporting documentation are available free of charge. Users are encouraged to contribute to the project by adding features or improving model accuracy.

Please email Roger Lueken ( with any questions.